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I’ve been to this page on my blog many times over the last few months… only to be stopped cold at that line: Add New Post.

Well, not that line, really… it’s the line right below it, the one with the ghost text prompting me that I need to “Enter title here.” I tentatively enter a few words and then delete them. Then a few more, and backspace again. I’m stuck.


I want to write something. Anything. I wouldn’t be looking at this page at all unless I had some seed of an idea, some thought that I wanted to get out. And just an inch or so below that irrationally intimidating title line, there’s a big, open, empty, inviting place where I can just write. But my do-things-in-order brain won’t let me skip the title line and dive right into the body.

So I stare. And ponder. Then open another tab and move on to something else.

I like to write. And I hate to write. So today I’m adding a new post. It’s not perfect. It’s not pretty. But it’s here, because I need to write again. And even if all I can write about is the frustration of trying to write… at least it’s a start.

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