Monthly Archives: February 2015

Plodding is Underrated

Almost a month ago, my pastor preached a message called “Don’t Waste Your Life.”

It wound up being a pivotal message for our church… and for me.

Pastor Nathan talked about William Carey, a missionary famous for saying “I can plod. I can persevere in any definite pursuit. To this I owe everything.”

Plodding… isn’t fun. It isn’t glamorous. But that’s where I’ve been for a while now: long stretches of plodding, occasionally punctuated by glimmers of passion and¬†moments of encouragement. Because plodding isn’t fun, I think it gets a bad wrap sometimes. You can make great progress just by putting one foot in front of the other even when you don’t particularly feel like moving forward.

Ah yes, one of those other “F” words. “Feel.”

Plodding can have a negative connotation to it, a sense that if you’re plodding, you’re just going through the motions mechanically, mindlessly.¬†As if all action is invalid if not accompanied by heartfelt passion.

But I don’t buy that.

Plodding is a decision. It’s pressing on towards the goal, even without any immediate emotional gratification. It is going through the motions – but not mindlessly; it requires you to be mindful of the pursuit. It’s trusting in the purpose even when the passion isn’t there.

Plodding is underrated. Anyone can give up when things get tough. And anyone can stay the course when it’s easy. So I’m proud to be a plodder!