The Point

I’m exhausted.

And this time of year, that’s kinda normal. Just seems like this year has been a little extra complicated, extra stressful, and extra busy… not just for me (though it has certainly been one for the history books for me!), but for nearly everyone I know. Did we really want to add to that with scheduling practices and the stress of putting together a performance? This year, with everything else going on, I don’t think anyone would have minded if our church had skipped the Christmas Drama.

But we didn’t.

The Christmas Drama this year was downsized and simplified. There were no sets or elaborate costumes like we’ve had in the past. We wrote it ourselves and incorporated parts for everyone who wanted to be involved. We met separately with smaller groups and individuals to rehearse their songs and scenes since group practices were nearly impossible to coordinate with the demands of everyone’s schedules. In fact, until our first and only start-to-finish rehearsal yesterday (just an hour or so before the actual performance!), I didn’t even realize how many kids were involved.

It was a lot!

And they all did a wonderful job! We called the drama “The Point.” It was a drama about rehearsing for a drama… which allowed everyone to have scripts in front of them. The scenes revolved around the kids reading Scripture and answering “homework” questions from the Director – questions that prompted them (and the audience) to think about the the point of the Christmas story… and take on a couple of popular misconceptions about the Christmas story. Writing our own script also gave us the opportunity to incorporate a few church-specific jokes 🙂

As always, the kids weren’t the only ones who learned something from this drama. I tend to be a “go big or go home” kind of person. The point that this experience re-enforced for me is that things don’t have to be elaborate or super intensive to be meaningful. It’s great to do the big productions – I enjoy them we do them – but it’s also nice to know that it’s OK to take a step back sometimes. After all, “The Point” of doing these dramas isn’t to compete with Broadway, but to give folks in the church (especially the kids) a chance to shine… while also giving everyone something to think about.

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  1. Buddy Martin

    It was wonderful, Jenni. I've never seen a Christmas drama that was so 'Jesus directed.' Thanks so much, You have so many God-given talents. I'm happy that the Lord sent you to Christian Challenge.



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