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I won't make any promises...

You know how things go... you have a great idea, but you get distracted, and personal projects take a back seat everything else that's competing for your attention. There's a whole lot that I'd like to share here, but it's going to come at irregular intervals, in fits and starts, as life allows. I guess if I'm going to write about grace, I need to start by giving myself a little grace as well! You can check out my blog by clicking the "journal" link below.


Here's a little bit of what I'm up to:

I'm freelancing and working for a great church -- Christian Challenge in Pineville, LA. I'm also working on building my portfolio so I can pursue my Masters. I stay pretty busy... well, too busy most of the time. I have a story to tell, and that's what (I hope) will happen here... eventually!


Get in touch:

If you'd like to email me, you can try jenni (at) unvarnishedgrace (dot) com